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I was thinking about Sansa’s family and responsible adults who are actually alive and might save her and then I remembered Brynden Tully still lurking about… well, a girl can dream

New Fic


New fic up on Ao3: Can’t Sleep

Two loosely connected ficlets about sister relationships.  Following the death of their mother, Catelyn and Lysa find themselves talking together late at night when they are unable to sleep. Post-series, as the only two Starks returned to Winterfell, Sansa and Arya find themselves doing the same.

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Lady Stark

"I want to weep. I want to be comforted. I’m so tired of being strong. I want to be foolish and frightened for once. Just for a small while, that’s all….a day… hour."

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Catelyn Tully-Stark


Catelyn Tully Stark


This past week I re-read all of Catelyn’s POV chapters as well as certain Ned, Tyrion, and Jon chapters from AGoT and the epilogue from ASoS. Altogether they form a beautiful, melancholy story. I won’t call it a tragedy because while her end was tragic, Cat had a mostly happy youth and a long, mostly happy marriage. 

One of the things that really stood out was the passage of seasons vs. the passage of her life. While she would have lived through multiple spring/summer/autumn/winter cycles, on the whole her childhood and adolescence seem like a long spring, and her marriage and the rearing of her own children like summer. The royal visit to Winterfell was the coming of autumn. Incidentally, in the ASoS epilogue, it is snowing in the riverlands before it’s even actually winter - because it’s already winter for Catelyn, who is now Lady Stoneheart. 

Another interesting thing I noticed was that despite having a total of 25 POV chapters (11 in AGoT, 7 each in ACoK and ASoS) Catelyn only describes her own clothing twice: "plain grey wool with a silvered belt" at the Eyrie and "a warm wool dress of Tully red and blue" at the Twins shortly before Edmure’s wedding. Ned is far more descriptive about what he wears - another trait of Sansa’s that fandom often ascribes to the wrong parent. 

How I love this character. It’s been eight years since I first read ASoIaF and I still believe that Catelyn is thebest written female character in the fantasy genre. There are no women like Cat, there’s only Cat. 


Catelyn Stark Meme || Five Relationships [5/5] || Catelyn & Lysa

- Elle Fanning as Young Catelyn
- Ellie Darcey-Alden as Young Lysa

Lysa was waiting alone in her solar, still clad in her bed robes. Her long auburn hair tumbled unbound across bare white shoulders and down her back. A maid stood behind her, brushing out the night’s tangles, but when Catelyn entered, her sister rose to her feet, smiling. “Cat,” she said. “Oh, Cat, how good it is to see you. My sweet sister.” She ran across the chamber and wrapped her sister in her arms. “How long it has been,” Lysa murmured against her. “Oh, how very very long.”

It had been five years, in truth; five cruel years, for Lysa. They had taken their toll. Her sister was two years the younger, yet she looked older now. Shorter than Catelyn, Lysa had grown thick of body, pale and puffy of face. She had the blue eyes of the Tullys, but hers were pale and watery, never still. Her small mouth had turned petulant. As Catelyn held her, she remembered the slender, high-breasted girl who’d waited beside her that day in the sept at Riverrun. How lovely and full of hope she had been. All that remained of her sister’s beauty was the great fall of thick auburn hair that cascaded to her waist.

— Poor Lysa. She was one of the most eligible women in all of the realms but at every turn everything just went so wrong for her. Loving Petyr, Petyr’s love for Catelyn, a pregnancy she wasn’t permitted to keep, a husband decades older than her, miscarriages and stillborns every time she turned around, and finally a terribly sickly child she makes so many bad parenting choices for that everyone wants to take away from her when she’s got nothing else in her life. And she’s only in her early thirties!