She ran from King’s Landing for fear, to the safest place she knows, and she sits on her mountain hoping everyone will forget her.


List of things that make me sad:

1. Cat and Ned

—to be continued—


Countdown to Cat x Ned Week! Only Two Weeks Away!!!

Cat x Ned Week - September 1st - 7th, 2014.

Theme: Timelines

September 1st - Spring.
September 2nd - Autumn.
September 3rd  - Winter
September 4th - Summer.
September 5th - Alternative Universe.
September 7th - Fill Day.

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Roslin/Edmure sketchdump, just because I am unreasonably attached to these two.  Roslin was based on Felicity Jones and the top Edmure was based on Tom Hiddleston while the other one is more the way I imagine him.