Countdown to Cat x Ned Week! Only One Week Away!!!

Cat x Ned Week - September 1st - 7th, 2014.

Theme: Timelines

September 1st - Spring.
September 2nd - Autumn.
September 3rd  - Winter
September 4th - Summer.
September 5th - Alternative Universe.
September 7th - Fill Day.

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  • All fanwork accepted, so long as it centers around Cat and/or Ned - entries also must follow the theme of each challenge.
  • CatxNed Week will start on Monday the 1st of September and will end with a fill day on Sunday the 7th. Theme for each day can be found here.
  • All submissions for each day must be submitted before 00:00 (12 am) GMT - If you can’t make it in time, please use fill day.
  • Please read the rules and submission guidelines before submitting.
  • If you need further information or just curious in general, please don’t hesitate to send me a raven.


Roslin Frey - The Weeping Bride

Used against her will to bring about the Red Wedding, she grows fond of her new groom and prays for a baby girl, for if a son is born she fears her husband will be slain.

FOR PIP who asked for “obnoxious aunt lyanna.” this is … close. no one specified obnoxious to who


Catelyn had been uncomfortable with Lyanna’s presence for most of her first year at Winterfell. When he spoke of his abducted sibling at Riverrun, in the fortnight before riding to war, Eddard had made her sound—rather like Petyr, Catelyn thought, not without a pang of horror: like a child whose audacity outweighed it. The Lyanna he brought back from Dorne, however, was listless and brooding, with none of Petyr’s quickness and his bright facade of grace; she hardly spoke, except in outbursts aimed incompletely at her brothers. Catelyn could not see her without thinking of Brandon, and proud Lord Rickard burnt. Lysa wrote letters expressing her fear that dear Cat would find the North a dreary waste; but Winterfell was alive with ghosts, and Lyanna seemed the goriest of them.

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She ran from King’s Landing for fear, to the safest place she knows, and she sits on her mountain hoping everyone will forget her.